Product Details

Package Includes:

  • Completed SFOC Application
  • Emergency plans
  • Manufacturer UAV Specifications and limitations
  • Site survey / operations plans
  • Security plan
  • Checklists as they relate to UAV operations
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Operations manual
  • Operational flight plan
  • UAV incident/accident safety reporting form
  • Medical certificate / declaration form
  • UAV Maintenance log template
  • UAV pilot flight log template
  • Property owners permission template
  • Training manual template
  • Ongoing phone and email support
  • $449.99

    Transport Canada has now standardized SFOC applications across the country. As such, first-time applicants can apply for a site specific SFOC and applicants that have previously held an SFOC are eligible to apply for a standing area permit.

    Have you previously obtained an SFOC?